Our Vision


a)      To impart, promote and spread education in Arts, Literature, Science, Engineering, Medicine, Commerce and Other Subjects to the Student Community.

b)      For the aforesaid purposes, to find, maintain, manage, co-ordinate, affiliate, guide and aid, schools, colleges, universities, hostels, laboratories, exhibitions, libraries, lecture halls and other educational institutions.

c)      To grant scholarships, stipends, concessions and other allowances to deserving students and candidates.

d)      To hold examinations and to grant certificates of proficiency or other academic distinctions or title to persons who have complied with the conditions laid down in the regulations or as the State Government or any other statutory body lays down.

e)      To provide facilities for giving residential accommodation and boarding houses at free of cost (Nominal fees for ---) for poor but bright students who are studying in the colleges situated in Chennai and its surrounding areas and other persons engaged in carrying out any of the objects of the Trust.

f)        To visit Children Orphanages on 27th of April and 19th of December every year, the days being the birth day and memorial day of the son of the AUTHOR, and provide assistance either financially or in kind in order that the orphanage administration could provide meals to the orphans at least for one time.

g)      To start a Trophy in the name of S.Venkataraman namely “VENKY VOLLEYBALL MEMORIAL TOURNAMENT TROPHY” in order to encourage sports in the educational institutions where S.Venkataraman studied, i.e., in Shankara Vidhyalaya and S.R.M. Arts College, Potheri.

h)      To provide free Space in the Open Terrace (Currently Second Floor) Door No. 17, Poornathilagam Street, Tambaram West, Chennai-45 to students who are studying in the nearby school for the purpose of taking tuition classes at evening hours.

i)    To provide free Medical Assistance to those who are not able to afford medical expenses at times warranted.